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DataSource Category

  • SupportedDataCodesAttribute - Define supported a Data Codes for a Data Source
[SupportedDataCodes(TwDAT.ImageLayout, TwDAT.ImageInfo, TwDAT.ImageNativeXfer, TwDAT.ImageMemXfer, TwDAT.ImageFileXfer)/*CAP_SUPPORTEDDATS*/]
public abstract class ImageDataSource:DataSource {
  • XferMechAttribute - Define a transfer mechanisms the source supports
[XferMech(File = true)/*ICAP_XFERMECH. The Data Source by default supported a Native and Buffered Memory data transfers.*/] 
public sealed class ScreenDataSource:BitmapDataSource {
  • CapabilityAttribute - Define supported a capapability
public abstract class ImageDataSource:DataSource {

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