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The list of implemented capabilities

  • ICAP_BITDEPTH - Pixel bit depth for Current value of ICAP_PIXELTYPE
  • ICAP_BITDEPTHREDUCTION - Allows a choice of the reduction method for bit depth loss
  • ICAP_BITORDER - Specifies how the bytes in an image are filled by the Source
  • ICAP_COMPRESSION - Compression method for Buffered Memory Transfers
  • ICAP_CUSTHALFTONE - Square-cell halftone (dithering) matrix to be used
  • CAP_DEVICEONLINE - Determines if hardware is on and ready
  • CAP_FEEDERENABLED - If TRUE, Source’s feeder is available
  • ICAP_HALFTONES - Source halftone patterns
  • ICAP_IMAGEFILEFORMAT - File formats for file transfers
  • CAP_INDICATORS - Use the Source’s progress indicator? (valid only when ShowUI==FALSE)
  • CAP_INDICATORSMODE - List of messages types that can be display if ICAP_INDICATORS is TRUE
  • ICAP_PHYSICALHEIGHT - Maximum height Source can acquire (in ICAP_UNITS)
  • ICAP_PHYSICALWIDTH - Maximum width Source can acquire (in ICAP_UNITS)
  • ICAP_PIXELFLAVOR - Sense of the pixel whose numeric value is zero
  • ICAP_PIXELTYPE - The type of pixel data (B/W, gray, color, etc.)
  • ICAP_PLANARCHUNKY - Color data format - Planar or Chunky
  • CAP_SUPPORTEDCAPS - Inquire Source’s capabilities valid for MSG_GET
  • CAP_SUPPORTEDDATS - Inquire Source’s DAT messages that are valid
  • ICAP_THRESHOLD - Specifies the dividing line between black and white values
  • CAP_UICONTROLLABLE - Indicates that Source supports acquisitions with UI disabled
  • ICAP_UNITS - Unit of measure (inches, centimeters, etc.)
  • CAP_XFERCOUNT - Number of images the application is willing to accept this session
  • ICAP_XFERMECH - Transfer mechanism - used to learn options and set-up for upcoming transfer
  • ICAP_XNATIVERESOLUTION - Native optical resolution of device for x-axis
  • ICAP_XRESOLUTION - Current/Available optical resolutions for x-axis
  • ICAP_YNATIVERESOLUTION - Native optical resolution of device for y-axis
  • ICAP_YRESOLUTION - Current/Available optical resolutions for y-axis

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