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Tree of directories

The Source is implemented as a Shared Library (DLL on Windows). The Source will not run stand-alone.

The Source Manager recursively searches for all Sources in the TWAIN sub-directory. To reduce the chance for naming collisions, each Source should create a sub-directory beneath TWAIN, giving it a name relevant to their product.

For correct work of the Saraff.Twain.DS you must place the files as follows:
  • C:\windows\twain_{32/64}\ - TWAIN directory
    • {Data Source directory} - sub-directory beneath TWAIN (preferably used GUID)
      • Saraff.Twain.DS_{x86/x64}.ds - Entry Point of a Data Source
      • Your assembly of Data Source and dependents of Data Source
  • GAC
    • Saraff.Twain.DS - must be installed to GAC

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